About the site.

Located at 62 - 64 Amberley Beach Roach, meticulous master-planning and engineering ensures that The Clearing provides a shared connected environment, with community access to public open spaces, highly planted wetlands and a full community playground proposed for Stage 4 of the development. Connection to the wider Amberley community, which has so much to offer was a priority in planning. 
The site will eventually have 400 sections when complete, 123 of which are in phase 1 (stages 1,2 and 3) all within a master-planned and considered community setting. See our full information pack for detailed information. 

Site position in context of town: 

The Clearing is positioned approximately 500m south of Amberley township and 43km north of Christchurch CBD. It forms a part of the large rural block which is located off Amberley Beach Road. The area is well situated to link to wider Amberley residential, retail, commercial and to the beach/coastal areas to the west. Click and zoom on the images below to understand the overall site map for phase 1, the site's position in geographical context (rural setting, with proximity to the coast) and nearby local amenity offered.